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Bob’s mission is to guide organizations to success by “inspiring human potential.” Personally inspired by the extreme sport of canyoneering, Bob realizes that success in business management requires many of the same attributes, principles, techniques and execution as canyoneering in nature. Bob specializes in “Business Canyoneering℠.” He uses the following four Core Services and 6 areas of expertise to collaborate with businesses to deliver business solutions that meet the diverse business management needs of his clients so they can build the organizational resilience required to succeed:

Bob_Blenn_Group_FacilitationGROUP FACILITATION:
Energize your organization to action using group facilitation.  Groups or cross-functional teams at any level can reach quality, collaborative business solutions with Bob’s skill in harnessing employees' best collective thinking.
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Bob_Blenn_Leadership_CoachingLEADERSHIP COACHING:
Enhance leadership development through one-on-one mentoring or coaching. Learn more>>>

Bob_Blenn_Motivational_SpeakingMOTIVATIONAL SPEAKING:
Engage audiences with inspirational and professional speaking opportunities that contain relevant messages with a call to action. Learn more>>>

Bob_Blenn_Corporate_TrainingCORPORATE TRAINING:
Increase organizational efficiency and productivity through corporate training that provides meaningful, hands-on learning experiences in areas such as business management and ethics, emotional intelligence, critical and strategic thinking and decision making, leadership development, performance management and much more. Learn more>>>

Bob's clients represent diversity in business and include multinational profit and not-for-profit as well as governmental organizations across North America.

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